Verandah 33 Review

Verandah Literary and Art Journal
Volume 33

Verandah 33 is built from the emotional and captivating works of emerging and established writers and artists, including a poignant piece from guest author, Anna Spargo-Ryan. This intricate collection of prose, poetry and art will take you on a journey that explores love, loss, joy and the mysteries we find within ourselves.

Admittedly my description of this volume is word-for-word from the Verandah’s website; a description I wrote myself! I was one of the editors for V33 and myself and my four team members are incredibly proud of our edition of Verandah. This beautiful compilation is filled with writing and artwork that flow from poignant reflections of love and loss, interspersed with bursts of whimsy and joy.

You can purchase Verandah 33, as well as previous editions at their website!

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