The Dry Review

Aaron Falk, a Melbourne based Federal Police Officer, returns to the drought-affected town in the wake of tragedy. The small country town Falk hasn’t been back to in twenty years is reeling from the shocking murder-suicide of the Halder family, perpetrated by Luke Halder, Falk’s childhood friend. The oppressive heat and the cracked, dry land pushes everyone to breaking point, especially when Falk starts asking uncomfortable questions at the behest of Luke’s father. The tragedy and Falk’s return dredges up old memories and suspicions from the past, for Falk and for the town. Can Falk uncover the real truth?

I recommend this book for those that enjoy crime fiction and/or stories set in secretive small towns.


Verandah 33 Review

Verandah Literary and Art Journal
Volume 33

Verandah 33 is built from the emotional and captivating works of emerging and established writers and artists, including a poignant piece from guest author, Anna Spargo-Ryan. This intricate collection of prose, poetry and art will take you on a journey that explores love, loss, joy and the mysteries we find within ourselves.

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