Title: Setting The Scene
Written: 2015
Description: This was written for a task assigned to pick an object and describe it in as much detail as possible. This description was based on a postcard I had received from a friend.

Title: A Deeper Mystery
Written: 2015
Description: A young woman has an uncomfortable conversation and reflects on the true value of the people in her life.

Title: The Offering
Written: 2018
Description: Written for WORDLY Magazine’s theme of ‘Myth’.

Title: In a Moment
Written: 2019
Description: My submission for the Australian Writer’s Centre Furious Fiction Competition. Requirement was to write a 500-word (or less) piece including the prompts. July 2019’s prompts were:

“Your story must take place on a TRAIN.”
“Your story must include something FROZEN.”
“Your story must include three 3-word sentences in a row.”