In a Moment

The first time I used my powers was on my way to work.

Just like every other morning, I got on the train at my station and settled in for the ride. Some days I got a seat, others, I missed out, but it was always the same journey.

Except for that day. I didn’t mean to do it, it just seemed to happen.

Halfway to the city, my eyes felt lazy with sleep as I watched a new wave of people board the carriage. The doors beeped a few times, then closed and off we were, headed to the next stop.

The young woman across from me fumbled; too many things in her hands. Her purse, her phone, tap card and coffee. It must have been the bustle of the train, or perhaps she was just having an unlucky morning, but I saw her coffee start to tumble and my heart went into a panic.

‘No!’ I shouted, adrenaline spiking and then it stopped.

Everything stopped.

In that moment I had frozen the train. I had frozen time. I don’t know how far it went; if the cars stopped, the city, or even the world, but the train had its pause button hit.

I was the only person moving.

Time was frozen.

People stared blankly.

It was terrifying.

The most terrifying thing I’d ever experienced. I could move but I had no clue what to do.

It only lasted, maybe, 30 seconds. It was hard to estimate since even the watches had stopped, but one moment everything was frozen and the next, hot coffee was splashing to the floor.

The young woman that owned the coffee cursed and the chatter and rattle of the train rushed through my ears.

I did that.

Just for a moment, I stopped time.

If I could do that, what else could I do?